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Nowadays, the environmental aspect plays an important role in the development of all real estate projects. Both local authorities and owners of public and private projects will increasingly have to anticipate environmental pollution. In this respect, land use planning can now only be considered in the light of the results of environmental impact, assessments, and specific preliminary studies. All parties involved must take into account the biodiversity impact assessments, the possible environmental compensation, the special administrative permits and the law on contaminated soils and sites.

Our dedicated team of notarial experts assists you with a combination of public and private law skills. We provide guidance and practical solutions, which are always in line with laws and regulations. And always together with you, our client.

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Because the diagnostics is one of the necessary stages of your project, an appointment, accompanied if required by an analysis report, will enable us to determine its environment
Attentive to your concerns, we will determine together the most relevant options and choices adapted to your wishes
Being present at all stages of your dossier is a pressing need to which we devote our best efforts on a daily basis

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