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''Sur les monuments qu’on révère
Le temps jette un charme sévère
De leur façade à leur chevet.
Jamais, quoiqu’il brise et qu’il rouille,
La robe dont il les dépouille
Ne vaut celle qu’il leur revêt.''

Victor Hugo, Les Voix intérieures

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Public works are in the spotlight. Fundamentally inappropriate, they constantly call for action. So: let's recycle! On the eve of the quantified objective of net zero development, let us together take up the challenge of sobering up the country where the demand for housing continues to grow, by appealing to the legal imagination to do so against redevelopment. Let us join with you in mobilising public space to prevent immobility. Let us build the connecting roads of the railway networks, the motorways and the maritime lines, thanks to the volumetric boxes of the works of art and the mobility knowledge tools that we can make available to you. (see also: for some further explanations)

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Because the diagnostics is one of the necessary stages of your project, an appointment, accompanied if required by an analysis report, will enable us to determine its environment
Attentive to your concerns, we will determine together the most relevant options and choices adapted to your wishes
Being present at all stages of your dossier is a pressing need to which we devote our best efforts on a daily basis

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